Crisis Assistance Plus™ (CAP™) is a fully funded travel assistance membership program. As a travel risk management solution, CAP™ is a key ingredient in meeting ‘duty of care’ and ideal for individuals, families, and organizations looking to establish a direct relationship with a global security and crisis management firm. CAP™ Crisis Response Consultants have proven experience in over 400 locations and 70 countries and have been setting industry standards since 1976. CAP™ Memberships guarantee assistance for a wide range of crises that directly impacts or has the potential to impact you during travel.

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1) You travel overseas for business or pleasure.

2) Despite your vigilance you become the victim of a crisis.

3) You or your loved one contact FocusPoint’s Crisis Response Center (CRC) for assistance.

4) The CRC provides immediate advice to address the crisis and (if necessary) dispatches a CAP™ Crisis Consultant to your location to bring closure to the crisis event.
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