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Three Steps Back

April 6th, 2016 Comments off

Recently I had Andre Johnson conducting research for a marketing campaign. The research was extensive and thorough. Then it occurred to me, that several of my colleagues could also benefit from the intelligence as it relates to their respective regions. Andre sent it to several coworkers highlighting the vital information.

The research material was well received, but I failed to communicate how my colleagues could harness its power. After speaking with Peter Martin, it was decided that we needed to create a strategy and process for understanding what the information can be used for, what the research can uncover and how it will be actioned.


These are simple, but critical steps.

  • Objective
  • Research
  • Action

The next day, during a presentation and demo of the new CAP portal by Greg Pearson of FocusPoint, I realized that the extensive, and thorough travel intelligence that the CAP portal supplied users was no different than marketing information. If someone doesn’t know what to do with the information or how to use it, it is useless.

The CAP portal allows you to manage a travelling workforce (from one to thousands of employees), source travel alerts and breaking news from around the globe, review individual travel itineraries and then communicate with any affected travellers in a danger zone.

Three steps forward.

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