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You are Either too Dumb, or You Were in on it!

October 13th, 2016 Comments off


Robert De Niro’s character, Sam Rothstein says in the movie Casino “3 jackpots in 20 minutes!? Why didn’t you pull the machines? You’re either too dumb, or you were in on it.”

A little harsh, but worth some consideration in the corporate security world.

You may have put a contingency plan together for travel security, employment screening, a work stoppage or general workplace safety and believe that everything has been considered, but then you see that something is not working out. Don’t beat yourself up over it or pretend it is not happening and hope it gets back on track.

Move quickly and make a change. Simple.

Last week, the Toronto Blue Jays hit back to back to back home runs from the same pitcher. Why didn’t the manager pull the pitcher after the second?


pillar jays2 jays-3

Make sure all of your contingency plans allow for change as required, so they remain as fluid documents that you can continuously improve on.

Q & A: Labour Disputes, Work Stoppages and Other Topics

May 30th, 2012 Comments off

AFI, by way of Insights Under Two, has released the first of several Q & A videos that will field questions that our experts are asked on a regular basis.  Questions like ‘How many security guards are required for a labour dispute, ‘Why is a court injunction so important during a labour dispute’, What are the rights of picketers during a strike’, ‘Can a company operate during a labour dispute’ and several more.

These short video clips allow for a viewer to quickly obtain answers they may have leading up to a labour dispute prior to contracting strike security and contingency planning services.  I’d encourage anyone approaching a potential work stoppage to contact AFI for a Free Contingency Planning Guide at least three to six months out – as Jim Rovers discusses in the clip ‘How soon should a company prepare for a work stoppage’.

There are also videos related to investigations coming soon.

Videos can be watched here.

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