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Security Planning – Don’t be a Zombie

February 23rd, 2017 Comments off


Recently I was in London, England for a business travel show on behalf of FocusPoint to speak with travel managers regarding travel security.

After I had checked in at my hotel, I was directed to the elevator. I walked in, and to access my floor, I realized I had to swipe my room key outside of the elevator.

I later went out for the day and returned to the hotel. I decided to take the stairs since I did not have my suitcase this time. The stairs were just across from the card access elevator, and there was no type of security barrier to enter them. I was able to access any floor I wished without swiping my card, showing ID or confirming to anyone that I was a guest.

Security is vital and having a facade of security is dangerous. A security plan with gaps can leave a business or individual open to an undesired incident.

Duty of care is more than going through the motions of creating a security plan that looks good on paper. Plans have to be challenged and tested on a regular basis.

Don’t be a zombie and coast through security planning. Be thorough and detailed.


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