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Article by Vito Mangialardi CBCP PMP, featuring images from AFIMAC

March 10th, 2016 Comments off

Article by Vito Mangialardi CBCP PMP, featuring images from AFIMAC.

Q & A: Labour Disputes, Work Stoppages and Other Topics

May 30th, 2012 Comments off

AFI, by way of Insights Under Two, has released the first of several Q & A videos that will field questions that our experts are asked on a regular basis.  Questions like ‘How many security guards are required for a labour dispute, ‘Why is a court injunction so important during a labour dispute’, What are the rights of picketers during a strike’, ‘Can a company operate during a labour dispute’ and several more.

These short video clips allow for a viewer to quickly obtain answers they may have leading up to a labour dispute prior to contracting strike security and contingency planning services.  I’d encourage anyone approaching a potential work stoppage to contact AFI for a Free Contingency Planning Guide at least three to six months out – as Jim Rovers discusses in the clip ‘How soon should a company prepare for a work stoppage’.

There are also videos related to investigations coming soon.

Videos can be watched here.

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