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What a Garbage Idea

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Garbage Idea


Given the recent events in France and Germany, where large trucks were used as weapons to attack soft targets, security practitioners have had to rethink large public gatherings. To safeguard an event that takes place on a single stretch of road is pretty straightforward. Just put large concrete barriers or other large objects that act as bollards on both ends of the street, but what about events with multi-street openings?

New Year’s Eve in New York is the perfect example, and someone had a brilliant idea. Block intersections leading to Times Square with sanitation trucks filled with sand. They can drive up and then drive away once the event is over. Using concrete barriers for that many intersections would have been a much more time-consuming exercise.

Hats off to the team that came up with this ‘garbage’ idea. Hopefully, other events and public spaces incorporate something like this into their security plans whether it is an annual or yearlong venue.


One Streaker, Two Streakers, Three Streakers, More?

June 27th, 2016 Comments off

I went with my wife and some friends to watch the home opener of the Toronto Argonauts against their rivaled Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The new field was amazing, the opening ceremonies were great, and the action of the field was blah, for the Argos at least.

Part way through the 3rd quarter, something other than the game got the fans cheering. A fan ran across the field toward the goal post with his shirt off. Since he had no security closing in on him, he decided to keep going and headed for the opposite goal post 110 yards away.

Stephen BlogFour stealthy security guards were in hot pursuit. No, they weren’t actually. They seemed quite unenthusiastic and just simply walked towards him. After the fan touched the other goal post, he casually put his shirt back on and walked to the sideline where a guard escorted him off the field. The remaining security guards followed them into a tunnel.

That’s when another fan came sprinting across the field! But this time, there were no guards because they had all left the area with the first fan. If there were other spectators with the same idea, this could have gone on all night. Luckily it didn’t.

I guess you have to expect some glitches with a new stadium, and ensuring all aspects of security contingency plans should be priority.

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