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They Did What to a Duck!?

September 7th, 2016 Comments off

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Working in the security industry and following social media, I have learned not to be surprised by the sheer stupidity and lack of morality of some people.

Recently, some vandals decided to topple an iconic sandstone rock formation, nicknamed the ‘Duckbill’. Why would someone do that? Luckily it was caught on video, but unfortunately, the Duckbill is in thousands of pieces.

Last week my street was the target of several car break-ins again. I live on a cul-de-sac with very little traffic and a forest at the bottom of the street that is attractive to criminals. Two thieves simultaneously worked each side of the road, checking every car door to see if it was unlocked and took what was of value and moved on.

They even stole an unlocked car with the keys in it.  The owner thought he would help his wife out by leaving the keys in the vehicle on his way to work just minutes before the criminals came walking by.

I know the details of what happened because my home security cameras caught some of the action.

I heard neighbours saying, “How could someone do that?” and “How do they sleep at night?” Well, as noted above, you just cannot be surprised at what some people will do. So prepare for it. To start, leave your exterior lights on and lock your vehicles.

If you are a business, have a site security audit performed and put contingencies in place. Ensure your parking lot lighting is adequate. Have clear plans for an emergency evacuation. Run mock exercises, educate and provide training for workplace harassment and bullying. Also, don’t forget to provide refresher courses from time to time, so nothing falls through the quacks.

Presidente AFIMAC América Latina Ruben Mena analiza la respuesta SWAT en situaciones tirador activos – Telemundo WSCV Canal 51

June 23rd, 2016 Comments off

SWAT respuesta relacionada con los tiradores activos – Telemundo WSCV Channel 51.

AFIMAC Latin America President Ruben Mena discusses SWAT response in active shooter situations on Telemundo WSCV Channel 51.

WLTV entrevista sobre los tiradores activos con Ruben Mena, AFIMAC experto en seguridad

June 23rd, 2016 Comments off

WLTV entrevista sobre los tiradores activos con Ruben Mena, experto en seguridad

WLTV interview on active shooter situations and response with Ruben Mena, AFIMAC Global security expert.

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