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It Can Change in an Instant

March 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Over the weekend, the weather was unusually warm for a March day, so my family and I got out to enjoy it. My kids rode their bikes around, and we played a few games. We all went in after a while and prepare dinner, work on some crafts and settle in. After a couple hours, I decide to take our dog for a walk, and one of my daughters decided to join me.

My wife cautioned that it was now cold and we should bundle up. I questioned it and she pointed to the thermometer indicating how much the temperature had dropped so quickly. I hadn’t been paying attention.

While walking, it was even colder than anticipated because of a strong, cold wind. Luckily, we had worn coats and winter hats. If my wife had not alerted me to the change in conditions, I would have been ill prepared.

Last week I had sat through a demo of CAP and its online portal that issues alerts, country information, etc. I’d consider this very comparable to sitting in my hotel room while travelling on business, not knowing that a protest has begun out in the streets, and receiving an alert from the CAP crisis response center (CRC). I’d be oblivious to the ‘change in conditions’ outside without it.

The future is definitely ‘know before you go’.

USA Today ‘Schools, churches and theaters take steps to prepare for unexpected attacks’ by Adam Stone

January 18th, 2016 Comments off





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