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HRCI Credits

October 24th, 2013 Comments off

AFIMAC Online Training is running a limited time 50% off promotion for all courses through until Halloween October 31st.  Please note several courses meet the criteria for HRCI credit.  Click here to review courses.

Security Leading into World Cup 2014

July 24th, 2013 Comments off


AFIMAC has launched a private group on LinkedIn for AFIMAC clients and partners to receive expert insights and information related to security in Brazil leading up to the World Cup. A must join group for professionals that travel or have colleagues that will travel into Brazil before, during and after the World Cup.

Requests to join the private group can be sent to Adrian Vergel from the link below…

IMAC Helps Keep Businesses Operating During Unanticipated Disruption

May 25th, 2012 Comments off

By: Ohio Chamber of Commerce

When the International Management Assistance Corporation was founded in Marietta, Ohio, in 1983, it offered only support and security services for companies that were experiencing a labor dispute. Whatever the challenge was, from protecting assets to protecting executives, IMAC could handle it.

Over time, the company has expanded and in addition to its original premise, has become a turnkey operation to help a company that is facing any type of business impact — whether it is a natural disaster, industrial accident, plant closure or temporary labor service.

But one matter that hasn’t changed is the company’s home state. IMAC is located and headquartered in Strongsville, Ohio.

“We are trying to drive the kind of ‘buy Ohio’ initiative needed and keep the money in the state of Ohio,” says Senior Vice President Joseph Schollaert.

Customers, though, come from across the globe. More than 5,000 have been assisted since the company was founded.

“We’ve also just recently launched IMAC Global, which provides our services in South America and Mexico,” Schollaert says. “We also have a Canadian operation, AFI International, that is headquartered in Toronto and handles any Canadian work for customers.”

As for the majority of IMAC’s customers, they come from the manufacturing sector. A number are Fortune 100 companies, but IMAC serves both small and large clients.

“A company can contract with us on a per-event basis or have a North American agreement that covers multiple locations where they could engage our services based upon a specific event,” he says. “Our efforts have helped these companies prepare for business disruptions caused by labor disputes that threaten to shut down daily operations, potentially forever.”

IMAC can provide mobile kitchens, dormitory units, shower units and laundry facilities. “We have the capabilities to prepare meals — we have prepared meals for not only labor dispute situations but also natural disasters and environmental situations,” he says.

One of the added values of working with the company is it follows trends and reports them to clients so they can better know what issues may be ahead.

“We as an organization have to understand the needs of our customers and what is driving them for the next two to five years down the road — for instance, what legislative items are out there that are going to impact our customers,” Schollaert says. “This is one of the best ways for us to stay in tune with what is happening, not only in the state but with our clients, and help develop proactive solutions. And with that, we also are able to provide the Ohio Chamber with an additional resource for their members by being a member.”

As a member of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, a company will receive preferred pricing from IMAC.

Another of the core services IMAC offers is supplying temporary workers to assist during an event.

“We can provide an organization that might be experiencing some type of business interruption and/ or temporary production spike with workers to continue to operate their facility — skilled trades as well as unskilled personnel,” Schollaert says. “There is a shortage right now for skilled trades, and we’ve got a large database of personnel that we have accumulated over the past 27-plus years.”

In addition, about a year ago, IMAC started offering physical and online training.

“We have an online training site that is geared toward security and human resources professionals that hosts a myriad of different topics,” Schollaert says. “About 30 different training modules are on our online training academy where someone can log on, purchase the online training module and take it at their own pace. They also get continuing education credits for completion of those modules as well as certification once they have completed the training.”

GPS Tracking for Marketing?

April 2nd, 2012 Comments off

On my way to work this morning, I couldn’t help notice the truck in front of me when I merged onto the highway had a big sign stating ‘THIS VEHICLE IS LIMITED TO 98 Km/h’

The number 98 seemed odd and stood out to me given that the limit is 100Km, and also because I was doing between 110-119Km for a while – as was the truck (117Km when the photo was taken).  I wondered if the company (which will remain nameless and blurred in the photo) marketed the 98Km as a special logistical feature to clients to ensure safe delivery of their product, or for internal insurance purposes, or maybe because they’ve had issues with their staff drivers speeding.

With anything, if you market a service or feature, you need to deliver on it (yes, a trucking pun).  So in this case, vehicle tracking through GPS may not be a bad idea to back up claims and give clients real time information to monitor their assets.

If the question of my speed and using a device to take a photo is raised – I had a passenger take the photo and my speed is Photoshop’d!

GPS Tracking for Marketing

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