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What a Garbage Idea

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Garbage Idea


Given the recent events in France and Germany, where large trucks were used as weapons to attack soft targets, security practitioners have had to rethink large public gatherings. To safeguard an event that takes place on a single stretch of road is pretty straightforward. Just put large concrete barriers or other large objects that act as bollards on both ends of the street, but what about events with multi-street openings?

New Year’s Eve in New York is the perfect example, and someone had a brilliant idea. Block intersections leading to Times Square with sanitation trucks filled with sand. They can drive up and then drive away once the event is over. Using concrete barriers for that many intersections would have been a much more time-consuming exercise.

Hats off to the team that came up with this ‘garbage’ idea. Hopefully, other events and public spaces incorporate something like this into their security plans whether it is an annual or yearlong venue.


AFIMAC’s Maria Teresa Septien quoted in Seguridad en America Magazine ’10 Best Security Practices for Companies’

January 3rd, 2017 Comments off

AFIMAC Director Business Development Latin America, Maria Teresa Septien is quoted in Seguridad en America Magazine’s article ’10 Best Security Practices for Companies’.

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AFIMAC Maria Teresa Septien relató en la revista Seguridad América ‘Las 10 Mejores prácticas de Seguridad en las Empresas’

January 3rd, 2017 Comments off

AFIMAC Maria Teresa Septien relató en la revista Seguridad América ‘Las 10 Mejores prácticas de Seguridad en las Empresas’.

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AFIMAC Maria Teresa Septien reconocida como una de los 100 más influyentes de la Seguridad Privada en México

January 3rd, 2017 Comments off

AFIMAC Maria Teresa Septien reconocida como una de los 100 más influyentes de la Seguridad Privada en México.


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AFIMAC’s Maria Teresa Septien recognized as one of the Top 100 Security Professionals in Mexico

January 3rd, 2017 Comments off

AFIMAC Director Business Development Latin America, Maria Teresa Septien has been recognized by Seguridad en America magazine as one of the Top 100 most influential security professionals in Mexico. Read the full article here.


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Keep Still, and They Will Not See You

December 14th, 2016 Comments off


One of the latest viral trends is the ‘mannequin challenge’, and there have been some very creative ones. Even professional sports teams, celebrities and a group of guests at the White House got in on the fad.

Sometimes people will go to great lengths to get views.

When corporations conduct social media investigations on existing or potential employees, they typically look to see if that individual posted anything on their profile that may suggest they could be involved in criminal behaviour, radical affiliations or views not aligned with workplace human resource policies.

Well, would you believe that someone posted a video on Facebook of a bunch of friends, heavily armed doing the mannequin challenge? Once the police and thousands of other viewers saw the video, they were arrested.

Believe it. There are many more background screening and social media investigations examples. It is always worth a look.

Would You Accept Free Tickets?

November 24th, 2016 Comments off

Everyone knows the saying, ‘if it is too good to be true, then it is’. However, that is not always the case.

I asked a friend to take my two extra professional sports event tickets along to the game with him. Instead of selling them, I requested that he give them to a parent and child that are lined up at the ticket kiosk to save them a few dollars.

He liked the idea, but it proved to be harder than it sounded.

He approached a few people offering them the tickets, but he was treated more like he had something up his sleeve, and the tickets were refused. He made it clear that the tickets were good and free, but people did not trust it.

When I spoke to my friend about this the following day. He questioned how in the corporate world, a company could present a service offering and the receiving company would proceed with trust without checking references of past clients.  However, in a social setting, an offer is questioned and refused. It reminded him of when he was younger with a small business. If he walked into a potential client’s office with a business card wearing a suit, he had immediate acceptance and credibility. If he walked into an interview with a resume, he was scrutinized.

What is it that causes trust vs. question, and why is it not practiced in business more often?

As for the free sports tickets, after trying a few people, a father with his son accepted them gratefully.

AFIMAC Global Opens New Mexico Operations Center

October 17th, 2016 Comments off

AFIMAC Global is excited to announce the opening of our Operations Center in Mexico City, which will allow us to monitor and respond to our clients’ needs within the country 24/7/365.

This new capability within the Mexico security market also affords us the opportunity to introduce Emergency Response and GPS Tracking Services to organizations interested in providing an additional layer of security for their employees, executives, cargo, and other assets.

Our new Operations Center is part of a network, situated throughout the world that is staffed by highly trained security advisors actively monitoring and gathering intelligence information for our clients’ operations.

1) Emergency Response
2) Emergency Response Planning
3) GPS Tracking
4) GPS Geo-fencing
5) GPS Route Planning
6) 24/7 Direct Phone Line
7) Bi-lingual Staffed and Trained

Please contact +52 1 (55) 5292-2757 or for further information.


You are Either too Dumb, or You Were in on it!

October 13th, 2016 Comments off


Robert De Niro’s character, Sam Rothstein says in the movie Casino “3 jackpots in 20 minutes!? Why didn’t you pull the machines? You’re either too dumb, or you were in on it.”

A little harsh, but worth some consideration in the corporate security world.

You may have put a contingency plan together for travel security, employment screening, a work stoppage or general workplace safety and believe that everything has been considered, but then you see that something is not working out. Don’t beat yourself up over it or pretend it is not happening and hope it gets back on track.

Move quickly and make a change. Simple.

Last week, the Toronto Blue Jays hit back to back to back home runs from the same pitcher. Why didn’t the manager pull the pitcher after the second?


pillar jays2 jays-3

Make sure all of your contingency plans allow for change as required, so they remain as fluid documents that you can continuously improve on.

Spoiler Alert

September 26th, 2016 Comments off


Seeing this story on CNN got me thinking about some of the services that AFIMAC provides, and which are best to be open about vs. not.

Active Shooter (AFIMAC): Absolutely, not only would you want to let your staff know you have a plan, but you would want them to practice it, and even invite the local police/fire department to participate in drills.

Loss Prevention (ASAP): With the amount of shrinkage in retail outlets, the public just cannot be blamed for all of it. Keeping a loss prevention agent’s identity and schedule confidential would be best for potentially identifying internal theft.

Duty of Care for Travel (FocusPoint): Effectively managing a travelling workforce relies on employees practicing safe travel habits and keeping communication open with the company. Training staff on travel safety dos and don’ts as well as describing how falling outside of a travel plan could slow or halt response to an emergency for the traveller is key.

Investigation (AFIMAC): When trying to obtain evidence on drug use in the workplace, a suspicious benefit claim or similar, keeping the undercover agent undercover, is critical. It would be difficult to get evidence with a hidden camera when the subject is aware, like this Aviva Canada case.

Emergency Medical Transport (Going Home Medical): Having a company on call for a travel nurse, air ambulance or medical evacuation is important, but knowing details of your travelling workforce in advance is also essential. Advise staff on the plan, and get specific information about allergies, medical conditions, hospitals of choice, etc.



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