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Forget Your Back; These Days, Someone Needs to Cover Your Front

May 30th, 2017 Comments off


I am disappointed in myself for two reasons:

  1. I almost became a victim of consequences, for texting when attention to surroundings was required
  2. I was not able to bare hand a foul baseball (this one being more forgivable, I suppose)

The senior leadership team, comprised of representatives from ISB, ASAP, AFIMAC, GHM, and FocusPoint met in Cleveland for a few days of meetings. We were able to get out for a social night too. Thanks to our host, Mike Pascoe with Hahn Loeser, we had great seats for the Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay MLB baseball game.

Great seats, but we were also in the prime area of foul ball territory. During the first few innings, we saw fouls balls rocket into seats to the right and left of us. One ball came flying straight at my colleague Joe Schollaert but was too far over the railing to catch it. At that point, I thought to myself that I should pay attention, knowing a ball could come my way at any time. A few innings later, it happened…while I had my head down, catching up on a few emails.


Peter Martin: “Steve…Steeve…STEVE! STEEVEEEE!!”

It was the urgency in the last “STEEVEEE!!” that finally got me to look up. I first looked to the left thinking there was a home run ball to watch sail over the wall, but the crowd was not cheering. Then suddenly, I saw a ball headed straight for my chest at the last second. I jumped out of my seat and put my hand out to catch the ball where I had been sitting. It hit my palm and dropped to the floor. I had a souvenir and a numb hand instead of a sore chest.

Regardless of your best intentions, having a second set of eyes or backup plan may be key to avoiding an incident.




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