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Tryna Look Cute

May 11th, 2016 Comments off

Billboard magazine published a feature article on Fifth Harmony, a musical group that included a photo of the entire band. Unfortunately, it seems that Billboard’s graphic artist accidentally placed two right feet on one of the group members (Brooke Hernandez) while modifying the image.

Brooke took it in stride (pun intended), and made a comment about it on social media, which gained a lot of fan support since the gaffe wasn’t her doing.


What you see may not be the reality, and this is often the case when companies promote their service offerings. Always vet a company against competitors, and ensure to follow up with their past clients as references.

Don’t get caught with a service provider ‘tryna look cute’ when they really have two left feet.

Pick Three Things and Get Out!

May 11th, 2016 Comments off

The people and communities affected by the fires in Fort McMurray have the world’s attention, and there has been a tremendous amount of support. The authorities have done an incredible job in their efforts to contain the fires, limit loss and evacuate communities safely.

One of the topics my family and I discussed over Mother’s Day was how people had to leave with only a moment’s notice. People from the community that were interviewed by the media talked about how they had to make quick decisions on what grab as they ran out the door. Passports, photos, clothes, water and pets. One gentleman wished he had grabbed his toothbrush.

What three things would you grab if you had only seconds to decide?

waterI keep my family’s passports in a fire safe at home, stock canned goods, flashlights, and other items for a blackout, but admittedly don’t have a ‘grab and go’ kit. In the winter, I have candles, extra hats, and gloves, etc. in my car in case of getting stranded on a cold day, but I’ve never considered an evacuation kit.

For some ideas of what you should have in an evacuation kit, check out this Red Cross link.

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Where We’ll Be in May

May 4th, 2016 Comments off
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