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I’m Struggling

November 20th, 2015 Comments off

Wow, am I ever having a difficult time with this blog. In past months I’ve not had any difficulty selecting topics to write about – which usually end up being something that has happened in my personal life. This month though, I’m struggling not to write an opinion piece on the events taking place in Paris and the world right now.

Instead, I’ll keep my views to myself on the delicate topic and exercise good judgment.

Good judgment can be used for not only choosing blog topics but in many other situations such as when travelling, specifically when you are in areas that you do not want to become a target. A few basic considerations should be:

  • Not wearing visible expensive jewellery, like watches, necklaces or bracelets
  • Not having a laminated business card on your luggage (especially if you work for a globally recognized brand)
  • Not walking on the streets talking on your cell phone

These are just a few small tips, but there are many more that you can learn about in this course. Past good judgment, there are travel risk management programs to keep you covered in case of an incident.


Now, if I could only exhibit better judgment when it comes to friendly office bets. My beloved Toronto Argonauts lost a playoff game to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and I’m paying the price. A Ticats sign must now hang on my office wall for a week.


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