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Saying Checkmate Before the Game Starts

September 9th, 2015


Unfortunately, there will always be people that will try to cheat, lie or steal for personal gain.

Recently, Italian chess player (probably should be described as former player now), Arcangelo Ricciardi was caught cheating in The Imperia Chess Festival, Italy’s longest running open event that attracts some of the biggest names in the sport.

Officials believe the 37-year-old was using a camera hung around his neck to transmit the game to someone with a chess computer program, who was feeding back moves using Morse code. Mr. Ricciardi must have had to learn Morse code, as did his accomplice. Build a contraption he could wear on his body that was hidden from everyone, but be able to transmit video and Morse code. That is a lot of work and commitment. Shame he didn’t practice the game instead. Read the full story here…

Think about this for the corporate world. If people are consistently inventing ways to steal from your business, what are you doing to counter it? Whether you apply new technologies, use social media for intelligence, penetration testing, security audits or investigations, you have to think like someone trying to beat the existing system, and stay a step ahead.

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