Death Threats

August 21st, 2015

I’m always amazed at what some people share on their social media profiles, although I’m becoming less and less surprised. I just read on CBCNews that LA gangs are using the trending hashtag ‘#100days100nights’ to threaten each other over social media. Apparently it’s a contest between two rival gangs; who can kill 100 people first, and of course innocents are being caught in the crossfire.

Maybe it’s a hoax that someone hidden behind their social media profile started, but regardless, several others have latched on to it.  Simply scroll through the hashtag results and look at the language being used, the images posted, and what people are sharing with the online world. Viewer discretion advised.

If people aren’t afraid to post death threats, imagine what other things are being posted.

Completely unrelated to the LA gang issue, I checked some random tweeter feeds to see what I could find, here are some examples:

  • “Can’t wait to put in my two weeks notice”
  • “I can’t go back to work. Didn’t stop drinking until 6 in the morning. Slept for 4 hours drank a few now back at it tonight!!”
  • “Boss asked me how I was feeling. Oh yeah, forgot I called in sick when I was really at the beach lol”
  • “Who adds food to their order at the pay window!? Spit in food”

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