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He Took My Belt

July 20th, 2015 Comments off


Several months ago, after watching an episode of Dragon’s Den, I contacted the owners of StashBelt to see if there were any opportunities for our two companies to work together. After a couple emails and phone conversations, we agreed that there definitely were.

At our first face-to-face meeting, Jonah Brotman, one of StashBelt’s co-founders was kind enough to bring me a gift; a Stashbelt.

After jointly agreeing to continue our talks on a partnership, I decided to wear the belt and get a feel for it. I stashed some money and a USB stick in the hidden compartments. No one suspected anything; it was like wearing a regular belt, and it was comfortable. I was sold, but decided not to wear the StashBelt until a formal agreement had been reached between the companies. Meh, a bit of superstition to not jinx anything, I suppose.

Fast-forward a few months; AFIMAC and StashBelt confirmed their partnership.

During the week that the contracts were being signed, I spoke to my colleague, Tom Brady, Director of Finance, about his vacation plans. He was originally heading to Greece, but had to make some travel modifications due to the political unrest. Tom and I discussed the protests, potential contingency plans, and how he was keeping up with what was happening in each region he was planning to go to. Since he was leaving the next day and wouldn’t have time to order one for himself, I suggested that he take my StashBelt, and I would later purchase my own.

Tom was very appreciative. He uploaded copies of both his and his wife’s passports, added embassy information for each country he was visiting in Europe onto the USB, and planned to add some money in the zippered secret compartment.

Tom didn’t have any emergencies and had an enjoyable and safe trip, but he said that he had the peace of mind that if he found himself in a tight spot, he had backup.


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