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Just Launched!

Do you have internal theft problems, bullying or workplace violence threats, staff using drugs or any other issue that an investigation would help resolve for you? A Social Media Investigation is a cost effective way of uncovering information that will help you determine your next steps before you take them.

Check out anyone’s Social Media Footprint here:

Would you like to learn more about Social Media Investigations? Please reach out to our Investigations Team at 1-800-313-9170 or contact any of our AFIMAC reps.


“The information collected validated our suspicions and allowed us to act quickly to end the claim and get the employee back to work.” 
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Do PIs Eat Pistachios?

June 29th, 2015 Comments off

You suspect an employee is claiming a workplace injury to stay home and collect benefits, so what do you do? Send an agent out to conduct surveillance, sit outside the subject’s home for hours on end and wait for them to go out jogging? No!

Research first.

I have an image engrained in my mind that private investigators eat pistachios. When I think of a PI, I picture them sitting in their car with their cameras and audio equipment, munching on pistachios and leaving a pile of shells on the road outside their car window. I’m not sure where I get this from, but I’m guessing TV and movies.

With this in mind, I created this ad.


After getting some feedback, it seems that not many quite understand my portrayal of PIs and pistachios. After I had the ad drafted, I asked a few people if they ‘got it’. I asked my wife who went to school for law enforcement and worked in the PI and security industry for years; she had no clue what pistachios had to do with investigations. I asked some people outside of the security industry, and they too, had no clue.

It was great information because if I hadn’t done the research, the ad would have failed. So I made a decision not to continue with it.

Now let’s get back to the employee you think maybe committing benefit claims fraud. Before you send out a costly investigator, conduct a social media search first and get an online analysis. This can help you in three ways:


1.       There are images posted on Facebook and Twitter with your employee out rock climbing, hiking, and playing volleyball

a.       Seems you were right, so now that you have this information, you can conduct a full 30-day social media surveillance for further evidence

b.      And/or you could now send out an investigator to get photos and video at one of the locations where your employee likes to rock climb


2.       There are no online posts of the employee doing anything that contradicts their injury, and they are in fact complaining about being stuck inside on the couch

a.       You could conduct a 30-day social media to be sure, but you probably don’t need to send an investigator out


3.       The employee doesn’t seem to have a social media footprint

a.       You could then move to an online analysis outside of social media to try and uncover details.


If you conduct research up front, it will save you money in the long run. Don’t go on hunches anymore; uncover the story available to you online.

Do you think PIs eat pistachio nuts while on surveillance? Please leave a comment below and let me know!


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