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Twenty Five Years and He Let Me Fall

May 14th, 2015 Comments off


I was with a friend over the past weekend that I have known for twenty-five years, and reminded him of when he helped me out on a video shoot I did for AFIMAC a few years ago. I also reminded him of how he let me fall, literally.

We were shooting the educational active shooter video for AFIMAC, and I had staff, friends and family all helping out. We were short one person in a scene, so I stood in to take the part. My role was to run to the front doors of the building, act like I was shot, and fall down…without looking. We’ve all seen those team building activities where one person folds their arms on their chest, and falls backwards into the trusting arms of everyone stood behind them. Well, my scene required a similar trust factor. When I fell, my friend’s job was to quickly push a mattress under me to cushion my fall. Without the mattress, I would fall on a hard tiled floor.

We had to capture the scene from several different angles, which included another actor, so we had to do several takes. After we finished the fifth take, I got into position for the sixth. I turned and began to fall, but had a weird gut feeling, craned my neck to check the floor and noticed the mattress wasn’t there. With barely a millisecond to spare, I managed to get a hand down to break my fall onto the tiles.

You can check the scene out that I’m referring to at 1:50

One of the things that I like about my friend is his sense of humour. But that quality let me down on this occasion. Behind the scenes for any type of video shoot, there is a lot going on from cameras, lighting, people off camera, microphones, etc. My friend was preoccupied with some of the other people that were playing roles in other scenes, joking about, and adopted a sense of passiveness from the repetitiveness of my previous five takes for that scene.

He allowed himself to become distracted and forgot about me for a moment.

Someone may look at a service like an ‘airport transfer’ that AFIMAC provides its clients, and think it’s just that – a trained driver picks a client up at the airport and drops them off at their hotel safely. Seems easy enough, but it isn’t. No different than my example of depending on my friend to break my fall, AFIMAC transfers have a lot more going on behind the scenes as well.

Routes are selected and planned in advance, taking into account the time of day, whether there are any major events going on, and alternate routes are always preselected. Points of interest are also identified in advance, in case the driver must make an emergency stop, for example, if the client has any medical conditions and needs a hospital. The operations team tracks the AFIMAC driver and client via software, and notifies the driver of any changes in the planned routes.

I’m always impressed with the operational level of services my colleagues provide behind the scenes. It can prove to be invaluable.

I’d trust any of them to catch my fall.

AFIMAC Media Feature

May 14th, 2015 Comments off

Recently, AFIMAC spent some time with Sandra Peeples of Univision talking about domestic and international kidnapping threats. The feature is in Spanish with English subtitles, and has some great information, visuals and re-enactments. Check it out here.

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