In Our Own Backyard

April 20th, 2015


My colleague, Ron Hartman with ASAP Secured, mentioned to me as I headed to a meeting that he saw signs erected by our local police department warning against cargo crime. Ironically, the meeting I was going into was with ISB Canada, related to their MEE (Making Eligibility Easy) service within the trucking industry.

The MEE platform assists companies with recruiting and qualifying their drivers; so its prevention at the first stage.

If you do what the police signs say and report cargo crime, you’re already too late. Contingencies need to be put in place to prevent the cargo crime, so as a business, you need to become less of a target.

At your sites:

On the road:

AFIMAC also offers a highly sophisticated approach to securing cargo in transit, from audits, escorts, GPS tracking, to intelligence briefs.

Get ahead of the criminals.

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