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Family Vacation Plus 400 College Spring Breakers Equals…

March 20th, 2015

After not having any plans to get away this season, my wife and I decided to take a last minute trip to a hot destination and escape one of the coldest winters on record. Why not?

We knew it was going to overlap university and college spring break a bit, but that didn’t matter. While on holiday, I admittedly check emails and respond to any requirements, so I was happy that the resort had Wi-Fi in the rooms. Well, the first two days it did.

On the second night after returning from dinner, we were relaxing in our room and I thought I’d do a quick email check – I had no service. Then I checked my iPad – I had no Internet. It worked previously, so I went to bed thinking it would be back up in the morning. Nothing changed the next morning. When we made our way towards the pool and beach, it became very clear what had happened. Everywhere I turned there were student spring breakers on their phones, tweeting, posting to Instagram and texting. The Wi-Fi pipeline was flooded.

I was immediately reminded of what AFIMAC cautioned clients about leading up to the World Cup in Brazil, but that was because millions of people were going to be descending upon the country. This resort was hosting only 400 students!

Luckily there were contingencies in place. I had multiple devices, could sit closer to the hotspots, use the telephone, and there was a business centre. Luckily, there wasn’t anything urgent enough for me to need to do that, and my colleagues covered for me once I was finally able to get a hold of them to let them know.

I was prepared to dodge sick partiers, endure long line-ups at the pool bar, and scrounge to find beach chairs, but I did not anticipate a Wi-Fi melt down.

Regardless, I felt twenty years younger! What a great trip.

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