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You’ve Got a Green Light, But I’d Still Look Both Ways

February 12th, 2015

You’re waiting at a red light and it turns green. You can drive straight through, right? If everyone followed protocol, then absolutely, but unfortunately not everyone acts rationally. For the motorcyclist in the linked video below, he found out the hard way that one can’t assume. Didn’t all of our parents tell us what happens when you assume?

It definitely was not the motorcyclist’s fault, and luckily he only received minor injuries, but could it have been prevented? The first comment on the video states just that, and hundreds of people agreed by ‘liking’ it, but there are also hundreds of replies debating the issue.


Let’s look at this in comparison to building a contingency plan for a large-scale event your company is hosting.

• Marketing/event planning perspective
-the speaker you had scheduled cancels on the morning of the event – you of course would have one or two back-up speakers available on site

• Security perspective
– activists try to crash the event – you of course are aware of any groups or organizations that would attempt this, and have conducted social media monitoring in advance of the event, and planned security for crowd control

• Speaker’s perspective
– a heckler or long-winded audience member is interrupting your presentation – you would have canned responses to move the presentation along

There is no legal obligation to look both ways before you advance on a green, but should you?

Plan for the unexpected.

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