Never Cry Snake

December 11th, 2014

Steve (2)


I didn’t watch the special #EatenAlive that the Discovery Channel featured this past weekend, but 4 million others did.

For weeks, the special was promoted to potential viewers that a man will be eaten alive by a large green anaconda for scientific purposes. Cameras and equipment built into a custom anaconda proof suit will capture statistics on the snake as the man is constricted and eaten. The problem is that a large majority of those viewers felt as though they were sold on something, that wasn’t delivered.

The snake coiled around the man, but never ate him, and a social media backlash ensued.

It may be a fairly distant parallel to compare the entertainment and security industry, but I’m going to. I’ve seen security companies that have websites claiming they are a lot of things that they are not. I’ve found proprietary images of our field staff that AFIMAC has on our website being used on other security company websites. I’m aware of all the times that a security company calls AFIMAC because they sold a client a service that they can’t deliver and need our help.

It may fool a client once, but ethically and with a long-term business plan, there can’t be a payoff.

For anyone that is going to use a security company, check references and do your homework. Voicing displeasure about a movie or TV show is easy, but explaining why an inexperienced security company lost one of your executives, not so much.



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