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Never Cry Snake

December 11th, 2014 Comments off

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I didn’t watch the special #EatenAlive that the Discovery Channel featured this past weekend, but 4 million others did.

For weeks, the special was promoted to potential viewers that a man will be eaten alive by a large green anaconda for scientific purposes. Cameras and equipment built into a custom anaconda proof suit will capture statistics on the snake as the man is constricted and eaten. The problem is that a large majority of those viewers felt as though they were sold on something, that wasn’t delivered.

The snake coiled around the man, but never ate him, and a social media backlash ensued.

It may be a fairly distant parallel to compare the entertainment and security industry, but I’m going to. I’ve seen security companies that have websites claiming they are a lot of things that they are not. I’ve found proprietary images of our field staff that AFIMAC has on our website being used on other security company websites. I’m aware of all the times that a security company calls AFIMAC because they sold a client a service that they can’t deliver and need our help.

It may fool a client once, but ethically and with a long-term business plan, there can’t be a payoff.

For anyone that is going to use a security company, check references and do your homework. Voicing displeasure about a movie or TV show is easy, but explaining why an inexperienced security company lost one of your executives, not so much.



Leaders in Big Data and Crisis Risk Management Establish Joint Partnership

December 5th, 2014 Comments off

AFIMAC announces exclusive partnership with BrightPlanet to help companies identify and address domestic and global security risks before they become crises

Identifying potential internal and external threats and having a mechanism to mitigate them before they become reality is the primary function of a joint partnership announced today between BrightPlanet, the leading deep web harvesting and big data analytics collection company, and AFIMAC, a global leader in crisis and risk management services.

“In today’s increasingly global economy, security has become a corporate governance issue as a growing number of major corporations have at-risk personnel while operating/traveling domestically and worldwide”

The partnership is aimed at helping public and private sector clients, ranging from small ventures to Fortune 500 companies, to better protect themselves in today’s era of increased risk. Specifically, the partnership will focus on helping clients identify, track, and analyze potential threats in order to help minimize the likelihood of incidents during regular business operations, special events or executive travel. It also will help clients create more efficient internal monitoring systems.

“In today’s increasingly global economy, security has become a corporate governance issue as a growing number of major corporations have at-risk personnel while operating/traveling domestically and worldwide,” said Peter Martin, President and CEO of AFIMAC Global. “By combining AFIMAC’s expertise in crisis and risk management with BrightPlanet’s expertise in big data and predictive analysis, we can have an almost futuristic ability to help our clients provide safer, healthier work environments and better protect their people, their assets, and their brands.”

“Our partnership is particularly timely now that the White House has issued a memorandum to the heads of executive departments and agencies requiring the development of effective insider threat programs to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by any employees who may represent a national security threat,” Martin added.

Here’s how the new solution works: Using its unique ability to collect and analyze big data from surface web and deep web sources and other proprietary online surveillance techniques, BrightPlanet can identify individuals or groups that show a tendency for involvement in such problematic behavior as workplace violence, damage to corporate facilities in the workplace, brand damage issues, product tampering, counterfeit money-laundering, theft, illegal resale of products, corporate espionage, drug usage, and doing business with known terrorists groups or openly supporting fanatical fundament belief systems.

With its knowledge and expertise in security, risk management, and crisis response issues, AFIMAC then can use Open Source Intelligence and Structured Data gathered by BrightPlanet to formulate appropriate response strategies and proactively develop early responses to such threats before they become major crises.

Tyson Johnson, Vice President of Business Development for BrightPlanet, said, “AFIMAC’s knowledge and expertise in the risk management and security realm combined with BrightPlanet’s big data collection and deep web enrichment capabilities will set a new standard of product for the risk management sector. Leveraging open sources is no longer simply the domain of sales and marketing – its utilization by the globe’s most prominent security leadership enables us to get engaged at deeper more meaningful levels, and we are excited to offer a product that is without equal to do just that.”

BrightPlanet and AFIMAC have already jointly begun work on risk-management initiatives and will continue leveraging both companies’ unique expertise for clients as the partnership flourishes.

BrightPlanet Corporation

Since originally coining the term the “deep web” 13 years ago, BrightPlanet has been consistently recognized as an industry leader in the collection of unstructured content in any language from the surface web and deep web at big data scale. BrightPlanet’s patented technology has been implemented by the U.S. intelligence community, leaders in Big Pharma, and innovative financial service providers. Further information on BrightPlanet’s products and services can be found at


For more than 30 years, AFIMAC Global has offered elite security, crisis management, and emergency response services to image-conscious companies across the globe. AFIMAC prides itself on partnering with clients to protect people and property both during times of crisis and during regular business operations. With a senior management team comprised of experienced industry leaders with unparalleled expertise, the company offers a complete spectrum of pre-crisis planning and premium security and response solutions to government and businesses representing almost every industry. To learn more, visit

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