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Don’t be Late to the Party

October 7th, 2014 Comments off

Are you in the know when it comes to tracking incidents, threats and current events? If you are just following the news – you aren’t. You need to be actively engaged with social media.

Abdulkader Hariri, a Twitter user in the town of Raqqa, tweeted about the US airstrikes on ISIS before it broke on CNN and other major mainstream media. This isn’t the first time the public has beaten the media to the punch either; in fact, it is an ever-growing occurrence. It’s so common, that you’ll often see CNN reference and credit twitter or a specific user for breaking a story.



So what? Well, let’s look at a few examples to illustrate the importance of inheriting real time information.


1. Contract negotiations are underway for a new collective agreement.
a. If you want to pick up on the chatter of your employees, it will be happening on Facebook and Twitter.
b. If union members are planning a protest or rally, it will be talked about on social media before it happens, and by the time the media posts photos of
the protest, its likely you’ll also already know about it.


2. A fire broke out at a large chemical facility surrounded by several other businesses.
a. Images and messages were posted by the public long before the story hit the media and evacuation notices were sent out.
b. The surrounding businesses were able to make quick decisions, efficiently shut down operations and move staff to safe locations.


3. An employee is harassing other workers online, boasting about having stolen merchandise for sale, or posting disparaging remarks about your brand.
a. Tracking of various keywords would alert you to each of the above examples.
– If any of the above became newsworthy, it would be too late for you to intervene most likely (e.g. if an employee attacked a coworker,
reporters would dig into old social media posts to see if there was hints of violent behaviour)


Ultimately, you need to not only be active in social media to further your branding efforts, you also need to watch over the other chatter to have an opportunity to be proactive vs. reactive.

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