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I Wasn’t Expecting That

August 22nd, 2014 Comments off

Speaking to an events manager on a flight the other day, he was trying to find the humour in losing an item off his trade show table from the conference he just left. It wasn’t a big event, so there was some down time when there were not many attendees circulating. Being the only one working the show, he decided to take advantage when he could, and went out to grab a bite to eat.

When he returned, it was clear that a passerby had helped themselves to some of the free giveaways he had left out on the table. Perfectly fine, as that was what the small items were for. What he hadn’t expected was that the one demo product was also gone. Difficult to say if it was mistaken for a giveaway or not, but regardless, a $3,000 item was gone.

This event manager was not looking forward to explaining this to his manager.

I think the lesson here is that one should never leave anything to chance and I believe that corporations should apply this way of thinking to travel security, workplace violence and any other corporate security precaution.

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