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AFIMAC Global Delivers an Incident-Free World Cup Series in Brazil

July 15th, 2014 Comments off

TV feature highlights how security leader keeps VIPs and citizens safe in volatile Sao Paulo and other cities

MIAMI, FL, July 15, 2014 /CNW/ – AFIMAC Global is pleased to announce it has delivered an incident-free World Cup series in Brazil for its clients with leading-edge security and crisis management services. The challenge of providing full security services at an event of this scale and in this location is profiled by Bloomberg TV in a special feature filmed prior to the event. The feature highlights the security challenges faced by AFIMAC, along with state-of-the-art techniques and resources employed to keep AFIMAC clients safe in Sao Paolo and 11 other cities. Click here to view video.

More than 400 AFIMAC agents and security drivers were deployed to twelve host cities. These elite professionals were entrusted with the protection of thousands of people over the course of the games, including celebrities, corporate executives and their families. Transportation services via armored and unarmored sprinter vans, buses, and cars were provided to transport groups and individuals while helicopters were also used to avoid major traffic congestion. Motorcycles along with advanced intelligence analytics and GPS were also employed to ensure all travel routes were carefully mapped in advance and client positions were monitored in real time.

Brazil is a very complicated country when it comes to safety and security due to its high crime rate and troubled infrastructure” says AFIMAC CEO Peter Martin. “The resounding success of the World Cup event which unfolded with zero incidents for our clients underscores both the importance and value of what we do, and the level of planning and prevention that goes into our security work.”

With widespread poverty and a murder rate four times higher than the United States, Brazil is a country rife with safety and security challenges. The threats that AFIMAC agents successfully avoided during the World Cup included kidnappings, home and restaurant invasions, carjackings, brazen street robberies and traffic jams as long as 100 miles in some areas.

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Has Anyone Told Soccer Players ‘Never Cry Wolf’?

July 8th, 2014 Comments off

I really enjoy watching Euro and World Cup soccer, but the one aspect that really bothers me about the game, is all the drama. Diving and faking an injury is so prevalent that stats are kept on fake ‘injuries’ and ‘writhing time’.


Brazil tops the list for this World Cup so far, and here is where ‘never crying wolf’ potentially came back to haunt Brazil’s top player, Neymar. Late in the game against Chile, Neymar took a brutal knee to his back (see the images and gifs here). He went down in pain, but displayed the same grimace he has many times before, so maybe it was initially dismissed as another dramatic dive.

“The Team Most Commonly Seen in Anguish: Brazil. There were 17 incidents in two games when a member of the Seleção was seen on the ground in pain—the most of any country. World Cup poster boy Neymar had five such “injuries,” the most on his team. In every case he was back on his feet within 15 seconds.” – The Wall Street Journal

Seeing the replay, I could tell that this looked like a real injury and was aghast of how the medical staff simply threw Neymar onto a stretcher, and jogged him off the field, bouncing and shaking along the way. Neymar had a fractured vertebra. Although I’m not a medic, I believe more care should have been taken getting him off the field. Again, possibly the seriousness of his injury wasn’t recognized, thinking it was play-acting to work precious time off the clock.

Then there is the opposite of never crying wolf that my AFIMAC colleagues and I consistently hear related to travel security. Companies that don’t want to acknowledge there is a wolf looming.

“We don’t want executive protection while our partners are touring our facility, so they don’t think safety is an issue.”

“We do not want to be seen as alarmists.”

“If we have protective drivers, some may think the area is unsafe.”

Well, if an AFIMAC expert is suggesting security – it’s needed. Security should not be reactive, and although you may never realize the ROI on proactive security, it’s worth it to protect your people and property. Avoid a robbery, kidnapping or worse.

Don’t let your duty of care take a dive.

Are Soccer Goalies Useless?

July 8th, 2014 Comments off

A giant net, but the only equipment they are given is abnormally sized gloves making them look like Mickey Mouse. USA goalie Tim Howard may have a strong argument that goalies aren’t useless after his record breaking sixteen saves against Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

But why are goalies often seen yelling at their defense after each saved shot? Well, because they are supposed to defend and not let many shots through on target. A clear shot on net typically has a high percentage of hitting the back of the net.

For protection details during the World Cup, AFIMAC agents ensure clients reach stadiums seamlessly, or what looks to be seamless from the client’s perspective. But AFIMAC’s agents have a team supporting them. AFIMAC operation’s staff conducts pre-trip research, maps out A, B & C routes in case of road closures and checkpoints, and sends lead motorcycles ahead to scout out protests or washed out roads.

This is most definitely a team effort.

Are soccer goalies useless? No, but they are definitely stronger when every other moving part of a team is working well together.

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