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Dear criminals and terrorists,

May 9th, 2014 Comments off

Yes criminals – security is often a reactive thought.  You bypassed a home alarm, so the owner went out and got a dog.  You robbed an employee in a company’s parking lot, so they got better lighting and cameras.  You managed to carjack an executive in a taxi leaving an airport in Brazil and took their valuables, so the company implemented a mandatory ‘no city taxi’ rule, ensuring everyone used a well-trained protective driver in LATAM.

Well terrorists, it’s not much different with you either. Security also becomes tighter after an incident, but additionally it encourages something else – unity.  After New York, multiple incidents in the air, Boston, and other terroristic attempts, people were expected to cower in fear, which was your goal, no?  Instead, an even taller building was built, passengers now ban together to take down anyone acting inappropriately during a flight, and the world united to support a marathon.

All I can say is quit it. You’re only making things worse for yourself.

And BTW, we’re all getting better at having contingency plans and being proactive with security.


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