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Mugging On Live TV

April 11th, 2014 Comments off

We always tell clients to play down their personal wealth when travelling, to avoid becoming a target.  This poor lady isn’t even wearing anything that would be considered flashy, but it goes to show how brazen the crime can be in Brazil.

The fact that it is daylight, with a live camera rolling didn’t faze this crook.

Hit By a Car – I Saw it Coming

April 9th, 2014 Comments off

There is a lot to watch out for and think about in ‘the big city’.  Whether someone is driving or walking, they have to be cognoscente of other cars or pedestrians, traffic signals, construction zones, potholes or cracks, and a host of other obstacles.

While driving into the city for an early meeting, I was doing my best to keep all of the above in mind.  Whenever I turned left at a light, I still checked to make sure the cars that received a red light didn’t try and run it.  Legally, it was my turn, but I wasn’t about to trust that a rushed or distracted driver wouldn’t try.  Sure, I’d win the ‘right of way’ case, but I’m still not putting my safety on the line, when it takes a millisecond to glance side to side.

Not everyone governs himself or herself the same way.  This was the case for a pedestrian that I witnessed getting hit by a car.

If you have a security consultant vs. an expert, you’ll notice a difference.  If a consultant is building a contingency plan for an active shooter, work stoppage or travel security plan, do you sit back in your office, and let them put it together without your input?  I’d hope not, because ‘cookie-cutter’ plans don’t cut it.  Let’s use the travel security plan as an example.  If you have colleagues traveling to LATAM, only you know the intricate details related to your business, industry and potential habits of your colleagues.

The security expert will be able to offer solid plans on the areas to avoid, safest routes from the airport to the hotel and meetings, best areas for dining, and offer tips on how not to be a target.  Most importantly, the expert will ensure your involvement in the planning process.

You know your employees and company culture better than an outsider.  You would know that one of your colleagues loves sports memorabilia, and may dash out of the hotel unscheduled looking for a sports shop.  Or you would know if a colleague has a medical condition, so prescription and medical device information needs to be included in the plan.

The person I saw get hit by a car didn’t collaborate to ensure their safe travel.  Walking along the sidewalk, the pedestrian was approaching a street crossing, where the car in front of me had to make a right turn on.  Without looking for turning vehicles, the pedestrian continued their pace and stepped right off the curb, into the path of the car in front of me.  The driver either wrongly assumed they had the right of way or was distracted.

The driver slammed on their brakes and hit the pedestrian, albeit barely, because the person jumped to avoid the impact.  The pedestrian was fine, and continued on their way with only a few disgusted facial expressions for the driver.  Lucky for both, it was a minor incident.

Don’t be that pedestrian.  Don’t simply rely on a consultant.  Collaborate with an expert, and involve yourself in the planning of your colleagues’ or family’s safe travel and ensure duty of care.

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