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How to Handle an Interview – Kudos vs Yikes!

January 29th, 2014 Comments off

Kasim Reed Mayor of Atlanta just sat through a very pointed and direct interview, an interview that could even be argued as biased.  Regardless of what role the Mayor of Atlanta played in the traffic disaster caused by the weather over the last few days, he just provided a clinic on how to deal with difficult people in difficult situations.

Watch the interview, and observe how well Mayor Reed handles himself.

And where there is an example of ‘good’, there is sure to be an example of the ‘bad’.  Yes, another politician, Rep. Michael Grimm, didn’t handle a subject he didn’t want to discuss very well.  Watch how he threatens to throw the reporter over a balcony in this video.

Hun, Do I Look Phat in These Pants?

January 14th, 2014 Comments off

Okay, off the top I’d like to say that I do not condone becoming physical towards another person for any reason, unless you are defending yourself.  Not everyone shares my opinion though, especially if alcohol is involved.

With that in mind, going to a post game rally for a losing team wearing the opposite team’s jersey; may not be the best idea.  Actually, it’s straight up a bad idea.  But, that is of course what one man did.  He strolled through a huge crowd of opposing team fans ‘like he owned the place’ after his team won, and not surprisingly, some folks took offence to it.  He was jumped and beaten by three people.

If the police response was not so swift (within 10 seconds), the man could have been a lot worse off.  Kudos to the police for excellent crowd control.

Yes, we should be free to wear what we want and where we want, but there are still other factors at play other than looking good and strutting our stuff; if anyone says that any more.

Wearing an opposing team’s jersey through the losing crowd’s rally is no different than wearing expensive designer jeans or a big chunky gold watch to stroll the streets shopping in Brazil or Mexico.  You will stand out. You may become a target.

It’s okay to look phat, but be conscience of where you do.

Phat Slang

adj. phat·ter, phat·test Slang

Excellent; first-rate: phat fashion; a phat watch.

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