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Beware of the Chupacabra; It Exists

September 17th, 2013 Comments off

This past week in Mississippi a man claims to have shot and killed a chupacabra that attacked him on a farm he worked at.  Now hold on a minute – before you roll your eyes…

The man that shot it, the farm owner and other locals say the ‘beast’ doesn’t resemble anything they have ever seen in the area.  Take a look at this video to judge for yourself (warning: graphic content).  The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said it is “…probably more likely…” a wild dog or coyote with mange, but the locals weren’t having any of it.  That doesn’t sound like it’s been ruled out!

Now, what if I told you that you have a potential chupacabra at your business?  Again, bare with me.  A fairly consistent reply that our work stoppage experts hear when discussing the possibility of issues (e.g. sabotage, violence) on a strike line is, ‘No, not our staff…we all get along very well here and everyone is so nice, there won’t be any issues we’d have to be concerned about.’

You may not think that a chupacabra could show itself during a work stoppage, but don’t mistake every day work life for life during contract negotiations.  People change, unfortunately not always for the best.  Plan for the unthinkable and you’ll never be caught off guard.


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