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Security Leading into World Cup 2014

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AFIMAC has launched a private group on LinkedIn for AFIMAC clients and partners to receive expert insights and information related to security in Brazil leading up to the World Cup. A must join group for professionals that travel or have colleagues that will travel into Brazil before, during and after the World Cup.

Requests to join the private group can be sent to Adrian Vergel from the link below…

This Snapping Turtle Wasn’t Getting my Kids!

July 22nd, 2013 Comments off


Does having an overactive security mind have a downside?

I was on vacation with my family last week.  We went to a cottage that sits on a beautiful lake in the middle of a vast forest.  I’ve gone up north either camping or to a cottage at least once every summer since I was a kid with my parents, and it carried through to my adult life.  I love it.

We arrived at the cottage late afternoon and headed straight down to the lake.  I sat on the dock with my legs dangling in the cool water and my kids putted about at the water’s edge with their mom and grandparents looking for frogs and minnows.  I couldn’t help thinking to myself as I looked down into the clear water that snapping turtles tend to dwell under docks – because their food does as well.  I’ve even heard stories of some turtles becoming aggressive with people climbing in or out of the water if they are startled.  Nah, its fine I told myself.  Just enjoy the serenity and calmness.

I had freed it from my mind and let my legs fully relax. Then I felt a bump on my right ankle.  Both of my legs shot out of the water like rockets. I blurted out “whoa!” and that caught everyone’s attention. My mind was telling me it was just some plant that moved in the water.  I looked down and sure enough, a snapping turtle with a two-foot shell was looking up at me.

For over thirty minutes we watched and took photos and video of the turtle as it swam around under the dock.  Anytime I put my arm, fingers, legs or toes in to see what it would do – it came after them.  When I touched its shell as it swam past, it would spin around and come back towards my hand.  Was it being playful, curious or wanting to strike? I didn’t leave any of my extremities in long enough to find out.


That was day one of six days at the cottage.  We didn’t let the kids in the water that evening because ‘Snappy’ wasn’t leaving.  But for the next five days, the kids were in the water for what seemed like an eternity. My thoughts of serenity and calmness were gone.  I spent the rest of the vacation on family protection turtle watch.  Every time they got in the water morning, afternoon, or night I’d check under all sides of the dock and then stand watch in case it came back.  The last thing I wanted was one of my kids getting a bite on their little arms or legs for obvious reasons and then of course being scared to swim in the lake – some vacation! I only could relax when they were all out of the water.

Does having an overactive security mind have a downside?  I don’t think so.  I never would have forgiven myself if I had let my guard down and that turtle came back and hurt one of my kids.  I believe the same goes for any type of security or contingency plan.  Consider and protect against all possibilities and never cut corners.

Like my colleague Rob Shuster always says “You’ll never know you avoided a crisis if you’ve properly planned to avoid it.”


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Fort Lauderdale Police









July 7, 2013


The Fort Lauderdale Police Department noticed a recent increase in vehicle burglaries at the Beach Place parking garage. The parking garage is located at 17 South State Road A1A in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

In response to this increase, members from the Criminal Investigations Division and the Special Investigations Division Technical Services Unit strategically equipped a decoy vehicle with video surveillance, an alarm, and SmartWater CSI.

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