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If You Can’t Wait For The G8

June 18th, 2013 Comments off

The Associated Press – June 18, 2013

ENNISKILLEN — Leaders of the G-8 wealthy countries were spending the final hours of their summit Tuesday focusing on how to deter kidnappings of foreign workers in Africa and how to corner globe-trotting companies into paying more taxes.

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While the G8 are trying to sort out how to deter kidnappings of foreign workers in Africa, that crime still rages on in both Africa and Latin America.  If companies have expats, have staff that travel from time to time or have operations in those areas, AFIMAC has the immediate response to deter kidnappings – trained protective drivers, armored vehicles, and executive protection agents are all at the ready to assist.

Outside of AFIMAC’s protection services, education is a big part of avoidance related to crimes of opportunity like kidnappings and robberies.  AFIMAC is consistently hosting free webinars and seminars that cover topics such as travel security in Latin America for clients to gain experienced insights.

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