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They Tried to Harm, But Failed

May 14th, 2013 Comments off

There are some people in the world that do horrible things.  Sometimes the horrible things affect people that were targeted or at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are people that try to harm reputations or another person’s business.  Sometimes the harm is felt.

The Boston bombings were meant to terrorize and strike fear into the general public; but did it?  In the seconds after the explosions there were people running into the danger zone to aid the injured.  Stories of individuals courageously assisting people whether physically or emotionally began to pour out in the days after the bombings.  Public support was uplifting to say the least.  The support was mainly domestic, but was also coming from around the world.  Other scheduled marathons from the UK to Canada included mentions of support for Boston on banners, T-shirts, shoes and social media.

The atrocious acts in Boston affected many lives, but brought an international community together.

An unknown author wrote about a controversial topic and the book plodded along in sales; that was until a critic slammed the book’s storyline.  The critic had a large audience and gained media attention for the opinions against the author.  The critic wanted the book pulled from shelves and campaigned for the public to not buy or read it.  The curious came out in droves whether they were for or against the critic’s opinion.

The book sales soared and made a name for the author who went on to write more books.

I arrived at the AFIMAC head office one day, years ago and there were picketers outside our security gate.  Given that this is AFIMAC’s expertise – to continue normal business operations during picket activity – we were well prepared with contingency plans.

Neighbouring businesses in our area of course saw the demonstration and were also affected by it in some cases because the picketers were even being rude to cars that were driving past our building.  I witnessed this, so I went around to all of the corporations (ones that were clients already and others that weren’t) in our area to describe what was happening, what AFIMAC does and to offer an apology that their staff had to hear some of the unwarranted taunts from picketers.

“No apology needed” was the overwhelming response.  Our corporate neighbours recognized how professionally the situation was handled. After I described that we handle labour dispute management, investigations, cargo security and other professional services, I was asked to send further information because they would like to begin working together.

The pickets inadvertently increased AFIMAC’s client base.

When someone sets out to cause harm, they may in fact do so immediately, but the long running effects may backfire.

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