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AFIMAC Active Shooter Online Course Wins Prestigious 2013 Award

March 27th, 2013 Comments off

The Web Marketing Association Recognizes AFIMAC’s Active Shooter Course With Best Online Educational Video Award


Miami-based AFIMAC Global, a leader in crisis planning and response, is pleased to announce that it has received a 2013 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) award for Best Online Educational Video from the Web Marketing Association.

AFIMAC’s dynamic and user-friendly online training website was officially launched in 2011, and provides education on everything from workplace violence to travel security to work stoppages.  The course recognized for this competition was the Active Shooter Response online course.

The IAC award is a significant honor bestowed on a select few companies from around the world. More than 2000 entries from 45 countries compete in 96 industry categories each year. AFIMAC’s video captured the coveted prize based on its excellence on the judging criteria of creativity, innovation, impact, design, and use of medium.

“Our organization believes strongly in social responsibility so I was very proud of our team when they created this online education video at no cost for public safety, and I believe this award validates that initiative”, says Peter Martin, AFIMAC president. “we advocate the use of preventive measures and advance contingency planning for any type of workplace, so I hope everyone gets an opportunity to view this video.”

The video and course can be found at the following link

AFIMAC Global is a leader in the provision of comprehensive corporate security and contingency planning services through North and South America and also offers global services. Its diverse capabilities include executive protection, labor dispute planning & response, cargo security & escorts, disaster & emergency response, corporate investigations, workplace violence assessment & response. With a distinguished management team and highly skilled personnel, AFIMAC Global is well known for its high quality service delivery and immediate responsiveness.

For media inquiries, please contact Kathy Hungerford, AFIMAC, 1-800-554-4622

Give Active Shooters a Stage?

March 22nd, 2013 Comments off

The Ohio school shooter that killed three students last year has now been sentenced to life in prison.  I’m not going to name him, but it is readily available in the media.  I will respectively name his innocent victims Daniel Parmertor, 16, who died in the shooting, Demetrius Hewlin, also 16, died a day later from his wounds, and Russell King Jr., 17, who was initially declared brain dead, passed away soon after.

The innocent victims didn’t have a choice to have their names printed in the media.  The shooter on the other hand, is gloating in the attention.  So why are we giving it to him?  Could the notoriety be part of the fuel for his and other violent acts?  There are several examples of shooters sending packages to the media in advance of their shooting sprees. So I’m not sure it can be argued that publicity and notoriety aren’t potential fuels.

The shooter in Norway (who I also will not name) and this Ohio shooter both exhibited despicable court room actions with media present in the court room.  Why give the Ohio shooter an opportunity to wear a shirt that says ‘KILLER’ on it during sentencing, and when given the opportunity to speak, ‘flips-off’ the families of the victims and rants obscenities at them.  Would this 18 year old Ohio shooter consider these actions if there were no cameras present?  Maybe, maybe not.

If publicity is a fuel for some of these shooters, they may try to outdo previous shooters for greater notoriety.

I vote to take away the stage and ban their names from ever being printed or their picture displayed.

Do you think it would make a difference?

And You Can’t Beat That With a Bat!

March 6th, 2013 Comments off

Beginning April 24, 2013, the TSA is going to allow certain knives on flights in carry-on-luggage.  Knives that qualify are pictured below:


Knives that don’t qualify, are pictured here:


Knives aside, bats are also allowed if they meet the qualifications.  If a bat is longer than 24” then it is prohibited.  Seems backwards to me.  Have you ever tried swinging a long heavy bat in a hallway or tight space?  Personal Protection training courses address grabbing a bat for residential security if you hear a noise downstairs in the middle of the night – it may look intimidating, but good luck trying to swing in hallways or staircases.

With that in mind, how would you swing it in the cabin of an airplane accurately.  The shorter bat…club, would be a more efficient weapon one would think.  Are ‘combat canes’ allowed to be walked on to flight?


With all of the above in mind, will passengers arm themselves with permitted knifes and bats to be prepared if there is someone on their flight with ill intentions?



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