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What Can Beat a Gun? Training.

February 22nd, 2013 Comments off

That’s right, according to a poll by, training is the best defense against active shooter incidents.  Training scooped up 41% of the votes followed by armed guards with 27%, and lockdown procedures next with 13%.  I don’t know the details for the demographic of the poll, except to safely assume they were security professionals.

Agree or disagree.  How would you vote?  Comment on this blog with one of these choices:

  • Ongoing Training
  • Lockdown Procedures
  • Mass Notification Tools
  • Armed Guards
  • Continual Risk Assessment
  • Media Response Plan
  • Working With Law Enforcement
  • Other (specify)

Of course, a combination of several of the above would be the best defense, but only select which you feel is the top one.

If you are interested in active shooter training, there is a free online course here.

It’s for Firefighters, But Dogs Will Thank You

February 11th, 2013 Comments off

Sure, it’s a bit of family contingency planning should an unfortunate event take place at my own home, but it’s also indirect planning for all of my neighbours.  In situations where seconds can make a difference, the 5 minutes I took to shovel space around the fire hydrant outside my home could become extremely valuable should the fire department need to access it in an emergency.


Take 5 minutes.  Support your local emergency services, look out for your neighbours and yourself.

Of course, it’s hoped that the fire department never has to use it and it is only enjoyed by neighbourhood dogs that are passing by!

Why did the Chicken Wing Cross the Road?

February 4th, 2013 Comments off

Because it was stolen.  Haha

There is a lot of buzz about a $65,000 chicken wing heist, but why?  If something isn’t ‘nailed down’ as the saying goes, then it could be stolen.  So was the case with pallets of chicken wings.  The buzz that I’ve seen is that people are shocked, surprised or think that it’s a ridiculous heist.  Ask Desmond Taljaard about product and cargo theft and he’ll tell you that if it can be sold in a store, it can be sold on the street.  There is a market for everything.

Diapers, cigarettes, electronics…and wings can all pull in revenue on the black market.  Wings might even pull a better price right before Super Bowl weekend with the demand being higher.

This particular heist was an inside job and the thieves were caught because they were seen by managers as it happened at the warehouse.  If there weren’t eyes on them, then security cameras would have been a good deterrent and if the product was already on the road, a cargo escort or GPS tracking would have assisted in keeping the product secure.

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