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You’d Probably Want to Dissuade or Catch a Skunk; But You Might Capture Random Kindness Instead

November 15th, 2012 Comments off

Weeks ago one evening, a skunk was in my garage unbeknownst to me when I remotely closed the door.  The skunk was trapped in the garage for five hours until it frantically clawed everything to shreds and by chance hit the wires to the door sensor – which opened the garage.  I know it was five hours because I thought I heard the garage door open at 2am, but shrugged it off in my sleepy state.

When I went to get my car in the morning, the garage was a disaster and wow, did it stink!  Even though it got the door open, the skunk decided to stay and continue to dine on our garbage.  It eventually left.

I woke up the other morning to some more wonderful news.  My wife told me the skunk that has been causing trouble on our street had somehow broken into our compost.  It’s a compost container that is clamped tightly shut, but the skunk was persistent and got it open.  There was compost all over the curb in front of our house.  Excellent!!  Not the best start to the day.

I got ready for work and headed out to clean up the mess.  It was gone!  Someone had cleaned everything up for me.

Human resource and security professionals consistently talk about the measures companies need to take in order to mitigate risk.  Contingency plans need to be in place, training for workplace violence and employee protection, security audits for buildings, and of course security cameras to dissuade potential criminal activity – or capture it, at the least.  But at times it can capture something very different. At our AFIMAC headquarters we’ve had food drive donations left by staff anonymously during off hours, staff going into cars on a suddenly rainy day putting coworker’s windows up, or helping another across an icy parking lot.

Like our AFIMAC office, I have security cameras at home.  I reviewed the footage of the skunk making a mess, and I also witnessed my neighbour cleaning everything up and driving off to work.  A random act of kindness.

Proper contingency planning and security measures can dissuade or identify skunks, but sometimes capture random kindness.

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