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Media Training for Corporations and Citizens?

July 27th, 2012 Comments off

Even a community is susceptible to a tainted image during a crisis it seems.  Corporations look to media training prior to events that could tarnish their brand and image, or after a disaster to properly handle the crisis in the eyes of the public, but now a community is concerned with their image after a mass shooting.

Residents offered media training after mass shooting

TORONTO – Toronto officials are offering media training to an east-end community rocked by a mass shooting last week after they say residents complained about how they were being portrayed in the news.

Scott McKean of the city’s community crisis response program says residents in the Danzig Street area requested the training after finding their neighbourhood swarmed with reporters eager to interview them.

He says the residents “recognize that there are a lot of eyes on their community” and want to make sure they send the right message.

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