Solutions Designed to Help Organizations Maintain Operations During Pandemic Outbreaks

Essential services need to continue operations as COVID-19 evolves. While businesses are eager to open their doors, they must be mindful of the health and safety of their employees, clients, patrons, the community, and the vulnerable population. Our pandemic business continuity services give you the ability to control access and screen individuals who are visiting your physical sites or working remotely.

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Workplace Pandemic Screening and Testing Services

Professional health screening tools backed with dedicated personnel services for the workplace.

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Personal Protective Equipment Procurement Services

Procurement support for bulk PPE and supplies with a minimum order quantity of 1 million units

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Pandemic Workplace Management Services

Our latest pandemic workforce management app for mobile phones - (PAM™) Pandemic Application Management.

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Workplace Health Screening Personnel for COVID-19

Workplace health screening from trained and certified medical personnel to help stop the spread.

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On-Site Medical Escalation and Support

Comprehensive medical escalation and remote medical solutions for specialized pandemic management undertakings.

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Coronavirus Medical Consulting and Planning Services

Specialized consulting services to help organizations combat the impact of COVID-19 while maintaining operations.

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Remote and Mobile Medical Facilities

Mobile medical clinic services for flexible employee health screening, testing, and medical treatment at the workplace.

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