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MyTrac™ is a 24/7 global tracking and incident response platform providing real-time monitoring, incident management and emergency response for mobile assets.

The subscription-based platform is geared towards journey and fleet management. MyTrac™ enhances the duty of care and is an ideal service for protecting people and goods in transit. All monitoring centers leverage C4i (Command, Control, Communication, Computers & Intelligence) to support subscriber needs.The MyTrac™ platform is a professional service built on centralized monitoring and local response. For example, in the very fluid threat environment of Mexico, we operate a robust regional operations center (ROC) and have approximately 150 locally-staffed response vehicles positioned throughout the country to support our subscribers. This key differentiator alone far exceeds any similar service offered in and throughout Mexico.

IMAC Services Inquiry
  Active Shooter & Facility Lockdown Planning & Training
  Book a Protective Security Driver
  Breach testing
  Consulting Services
  Corporate Event Security
  Executive and Close Protection
  Executive and Close Protection Training
  Explosives/Drug Detecting Dog Teams
  High Risk Terminations
  Protective Security Drivers
  Relocation Services
  Security Systems
  Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM)
  Vulnerability & Threat / Risk Assessment
  Workplace Violence / High Risk Termination Training