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AFIMAC carries out the most comprehensive search of all major social media in the industry.

Corporate | Insurance | Legal | Government

Now you CAN legally benefit from information posted online

  • 1 IN 9 PEOPLE ON THE PLANET are Members on Facebook
  • 48 HOURS of Video is Uploaded to Youtube EACH MINUTE
  • 15,475,890 are MEMBERS on Linkedin
  • COUNTLESS Membership and Hobby Sites
  • OVER 3000 Pictures Are Added to Flikr EACH MINUTE
  • GOOGLE has 1,000,000,000+ USERS per month
  • TWITTER ADDS 500,000 Users PER DAY

Our social media experts at AFIMAC take pride in ‘CYBER SLEUTHING’. As an investigative tool, we can enhance our surveillance efforts by getting to know the subject ... as though we have been friends since high school. Through a subjects online presence we can provide valuable information into the validity of claims, fraudulent or otherwise.

Social Media Investigations can assist in:
  • Uncovering Evidence of Fraudulent Claims
  • Locating Subjects/ Missing Persons
  • Confirming Actions that Contradict Work Restrictions/Insurance Claims
  • Proving Timelines
  • Proving Associations
  • Verifying Employment
  • Verify Suspicions
  • Uncovering Memberships
  • Monitoring a Subject’s Opinions, Reactions and Criticisms Regarding Specific Events

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IMAC Services Inquiry
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