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Risk Assessments, Breach Testing & Integrity Investigations

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Providing for the safety of employees and the security of company assets is a top priority for all corporate decision makers. As a partner with your key stakeholders, AFIMAC experts bring relevant industry knowledge to help mitigate potential risks to both personnel and resources. Relying on its vast security experience, AFIMAC ensures that the risk assessment process is both comprehensive and implementable.

A detailed analysis of a facility's physical security has become a critical component of an organization's business continuity plan. AFIMAC's complement of skilled security personnel has an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise to effectively provide such an analysis, focusing on the critical aspects of state-of-the-art security systems that address an organization's property and vital processes.

AFIMAC security personnel perform on-site inspections of facilities, their physical and electronic security operations, and related policies and procedures. AFIMAC's security reviews are analyzed in the context of the client's risk management plan. The results provide much more than a list of actionable recommendations. The vulnerabilities are prioritized and recommendations are made to align the proposed physical security with the client's overall risk management strategy to protect the right assets with the right level of security.

  • Our Risk Assessment Team applies a trusted methodology to identify critical gaps in security for corporations of all sizes.
  • Our Integrity Testing Team is comprised of in-house personnel that are deployed with care, using a bespoke approach to our clients' requirements.
  • Our On-site Inspection Team identifies critical assets, assesses their level of exposure to potential threats, and presents suitable security procedures and technologies that should be considered.

AFIMAC services include:
  • Risk Reviews-Get a Get a 360-degree view of any vulnerabilities in your current security systems.
  • Breach Penetration Testing-Receive a detailed report and an at-a-glance breakdown of any critical gaps in your security protocols.
  • Risk Roadmap-Start mitigating risk with a customized implementation plan designed to correct current issues and provide proactive steps to allow your organization to move forward.

AFIMAC has provided more than 35,000 hours of non-billable consulting services to our clients. Find out today how AFIMAC can help you to measurably decrease incidents of internal theft, improve vendor trust, and prevent system failure while ensuring that relevant safety and security standards are met or exceeded.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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