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Our 24-hour Emergency Response Service is available around the clock on a retainer basis to assist clients and their employees with unexpected difficulties while employees or product is in transit. Trained, bilingual agents are strategically located near satellite stations enabling them to quickly respond to any emergency encountered on the road, from burglary to armed robbery and assault. Should an incident require immediate action, AFIMAC's response center will notify local law enforcement and deploy investigators to interview witnesses, collect evidence, secure product, or safeguard proprietary information.

Should pre-defined security protocols be violated while product is in transit, the AFIMAC Command and Control Center will immediately contact the driver and assess the situation. An AFIMAC dedicated emergency response team will work with law enforcement to recover stolen shipments and ensure untampered cargo reaches its destination on time.

AFIMAC agents are also available to help in less life-threatening situations. This service includes responding to auto accidents, filling out incident report forms, translating between police officials and business travelers, assisting with transportation, obtaining medical assistance, and expertly handling any problem business travelers might consider an emergency. AFIMAC maintains business relationships with medical providers, wrecker-services, locksmiths, electricians, plumbers and many other services to provide clients with the appropriate assistance when they need it.

Clients appreciate the immediate availability through our 24-hour response line for both practical advice and, when appropriate, the direct assistance of our security trained drivers and protection agents. We can also act as communications liaison, notifying clients immediately of any situation or emergency involving employees.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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