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Physical Surveillance
Receive best-in-class, real-world surveillance of an individual to ascertain their activities and whereabouts. As a second step to Social Media Surveillance, this offline service will track the comings and goings of an individual through the use of private investigators. Our highly-trained officers will use the results of your Social Media Surveillance Report to gather data on the individual in question through physical surveillance. Find out where they live, work and with whom they associate. Based on your goals and the report findings, our services in this area can extend to corporate theft and fraud investigations, computer forensics, , benefits claim investigations, trademark investigations, risk and integrity investigations, and insurance investigations.

Contact an AFIMAC today to inquire about rates and availability of this service, based on the scope of your surveillance requirements.

Find Them Offline

Social Media Investigations Snapshot

Automated Harvest and 1 hr. of Open Source Desk Time

A basic social media search on various platforms, and will perform a historical collection and analysis to provide the required information about the candidate’s social media activity. More Info

Social Media Investigations Snapshot Plus

Automated Harvest and 4 hrs. of Open Source Desk Time

An overview of the individual’s activities across social media and open source platforms using an automated tool. Snapshot Plus combines an automated tool and skilled Social Media Investigator. AFIMAC is able to conduct both current and historical searches on a variety of platforms to help determine the legitimacy of a claim. More Info


Panoramic files involve multiple parties and or persons of interest. Panoramic files require extensive fact finding to ensure the investigation achieves the client’s end goals. More Info


Best in class, real-world surveillance of an individual to ascertain their activities and whereabouts. More Info

AFIMAC Global is a leader in the provision of comprehensive corporate security and contingency planning services through North and South America and also offers global services. Its diverse capabilities include executive protection, labor dispute planning & response, cargo security & escorts, disaster & emergency response, corporate investigations, workplace violence assessment & response. With a distinguished management team and highly skilled personnel, AFIMAC Global is well known for its high quality service delivery and immediate responsiveness.

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