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Workplace Violence from Domestic Relationships Gone Bad

March 20th, 2017 Comments off

One of the leading causes of workplace violence incidents, including the most deadly active shooter incidents, is when a domestic relationship has gone bad. They are usually one of two types; an abusive spouse of an employee, or the other, a workplace romance that went wrong. Both of these situations can unfold violently in the workplace.

We would all like to think that marital or domestic partner abuse stays in the home. However, if restraining orders have been secured to keep the abusive partner away from the victim’s home, then the most likely alternative place to find the targeted person is at work. It is coming into the workplace whether you like it or not. We would also like to think that workplace romances either don’t happen or will work out positively if they develop. They do happen, and they often do not work out positively. They often have the potential of unfolding violently at work. Employers have to plan for this and develop policies that specifically address this cause. Not blaming the victims, but helping them.

Refer to the below link regarding how educational institutions are recognizing and addressing it. This is also a link to other resources regarding this issue. Though its focus is on students, it can easily translate into cautions for young people in the workforce.

How to Address Relationship Violence with K-12 and College Students

Employers need to have policies that recognize that some of their employees might need help in these matters. If they have a workplace or domestic relationship that could get out of hand and lead to a violent incident, the employee should be able to turn to their Human Resources people for help. It is that employee’s responsibility to their co-workers to report the situation, and the employer’s responsibility to all of their workers to make assistance available. Not to judge but to avert disasters.

Check out some of the other workplace violence prevention related courses available online at

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