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Secure Drivers vs. Full Executive Protection

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Frequently, Corporate Security Directors find themselves wanting to provide executive protection service for their corporate executives and meet resistance because the executives don’t want, or don’t feel they need a ‘bodyguard’. The resistance is often the result of the executive’s perception of the term Executive Protection (EP). They often envision a big obtrusive guy following them around everywhere and it turns them off. Unless the Board of Directors or company ownership dictates that the senior executive(s) are required to have this, the topic is typically avoided. One way of introducing some level of protection is with the suggested use of a security driver.

The security driver does not have to be armed, but they can be. They should be an individual trained to recognize surveillance, plan and run primary and alternate routes, and understand protective variance in daily transport. They should be very familiar with the environments within which they will do the executive transport and be able to offer the executive guidance as to which areas to avoid at certain times. If used on a daily ‘home town’ commuting basis, they can be a first step to developing a basic level of executive protection. Most ‘home town’ executive kidnappings happen because of vulnerability patterns set by routine, and failure to recognize surveillance that has targeted them. The secure driver can reduce this risk.

For out of town travel, the security driver is simply an upgrade from the limousine driver often contracted anyway. The secure driver will think protection first and not just VIP courtesy. The service will differ slightly in how the protective security driver operates and how the executive benefits from that difference. This will have to be explained to the executive prior to engagement. The secure driver does not have to be armed because their primary value is their law enforcement background and their ability to spot troubling conditions before they become a direct threat. A badge and a weapon may just be a bonus. This service is also a first step at gaining some level of security during travel without forcing the full EP concept.

I have dealt with many corporate executive security programs and this is how many of them broke the ice. Please contact me if you would like to discuss how this can work for your organization or if you would like to contract out security drivers during executive travel. Check out IMAC Online Training Academy or call me directly at 440.878.5114

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