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Online Training

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With training budgets being slashed and requirements and compliance issues increase, online training has become the most cost effective way to deliver quality training. Online courses offer tremendous cost savings over in-person training that requires travel time and/or dedicated gathering time for the classroom setting. Universities and colleges have been solving this problem with the ‘remote classroom’ for years. Students or employees can satisfy training requirements on a far more flexible schedule. Professional and commercial online courses meet or exceed educational requirements, are convenient, satisfy compliance issues, and are defensible and documentable. However, there are certain things to look for when choosing an online training provider that will deliver an enjoyable experience for the audience. Remember, some may still be a bit skeptical about e-learning.

The online course must first and foremost have the necessary depth of content with an experienced based expert as the speaker (e.g. an expert on strike security discussing ‘Guidelines for Crossing Picket Lines’. Too often those charged with selecting the e-learning resource fall prey to fancy productions that entertain but do not completely educate. The emphasis in any program should be who is delivering the content. The expert speaker’s knowledge of the subject matter and the dynamics of their presentation skills are critical. An engaging speaker will capture and hold your attention. Effective graphic support such as clean, to the point slides, illustrative photographs, pertinent video clips and other enhancement media will increase the audience’s retention of the material. However, both have to work together and not compete for the student’s attention.

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