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Truck Hijack/Load Theft – Prevention and Response

March 10th, 2011 Comments off

The recently released “Truck Hijacking Response” course available on the IMAC online training site has received excellent reviews from students and trucking company administrators. Some trucking/delivery companies have done a great job preparing their drivers in responding effectively or preventing a truck hijacking or load theft attempt. In North America alone the estimated losses for cargo crime each year is $10-$15 billion. It is worse in Europe and South America as these attacks tend to be more violently executed. Truck hijacking/robberies and load thefts have a large impact on shippers, consumers, a fleet’s reputation and insurance costs, not to mention the trauma and danger to which the driver is exposed.

The cost of training drivers pales in comparison to the cost of even a ‘partial’ load loss. There may also be insurance benefits. Online security training is an effective and cost efficient way to give delivery, long haul, or short-turnaround route drivers the tools to help prevent such losses and properly respond to minimize the danger during a hijacking attempt. Make no mistake, these attempts are well planned, well rehearsed and executed by professionals in an organized manner. Often the buyers are already lined up for rapid disposal of the stolen goods. Relying on luck or assuming it will never happen to your company, is denial.

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