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A Disney ‘Release’ They Don’t Want To Promote

March 20th, 2017 Comments off

Even one of largest global organizations in the world is not immune to the US Department of Labor laws.  Disney has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in back wages to employees at two theme parks in Florida.  It was determined that Disney violated labor laws by deducting uniform/costume costs from their employees causing wages to be below the standard minimum pay.

This illustrates the importance of having a firm understanding of US labor law, ongoing educational programs for your Human Resources/Labor Relations departments and a strong employment labor attorney.  The nuances of US labor legislation and policy implementation happens frequently, and organizations big and small must not take their eye off the ball on these matters.  I am sure that Disney, as well as other organizations, never intended to impact those valued employees negatively; however, the responsibility lies with the company to adhere to labor laws.  This unintentional situation has resulted in both negative press and strained relations with the ‘happiest place on earth’ valued team members.

The bottom line is – no matter how good of an organization you are or intend to be, one misstep can erase years of positive employee relations.

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