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Does Your Claimant go Dark on You?

August 29th, 2018

By: Sophie Cranley, Risk Mitigation Specialist at AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC and our technology partners have undertaken industry research in an attempt to assist those managing claims to gain the most from our social media intelligence reports.

From our findings, at least 40% of subjects ‘go dark’ within a few days of the claim being reported!

The results have been validated by numerous lawyers who have confirmed that this is a tactic they deploy with their client to prevent anyone from utilizing open source social media intelligence that could be used by the industry to mitigate spiraling claims costs/associated fraud risks.

Clearly this is not an acceptable situation, however, with early intervention, there is an opportunity to change the landscape and reduce claims costs.

Remember the old adage – strike and strike fast!

Today nothing is this more critical than social media background reports. Structured background reports and financial records live on forever, but this is not the case with social media.  Not acting quick enough will deprive you of valuable intelligence in establishing your case.

Are you prepared to allow your claimant to ‘go dark’ on you?

To obtain a sample report or learn more, please email: scranley@afimaccan.com


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