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Has the Whole World Gone Mad?

April 28th, 2017


Each week, we are contacted to provide protection agents for termination, workplace violence, corporate events as well as security details.

Over the past few years, we have noted a considerable change in people’s behaviours. No longer are people compliant or respectful of security personnel. It seems as if more and more individuals are looking to engage security and escalate the situation to the point of physical confrontation.

We recently faced a situation where a small group of protesters attended a client’s location. They were allowed to communicate their issues and then asked to leave by our security agents. The situation quickly escalated. All but one of the protesters complied. The lone remaining male protester refused to leave. Law enforcement was contacted, and the individual was contained in the lobby area. The situation attracted a crowd of onlookers videotaping the event.

The moment the police arrived the individual immediately became aggressive. The police did their best to de-escalate the situation and have the person exit the site, but he refused. The police then advised the protester that he would be arrested and handcuffed. Upon hearing this, he immediately assaulted one of the officers. Backup was called, and eight officers arrived. The man was arrested.

In my mind, this was a staged event. The individual went to the location with a plan and had no intention of complying.

Security and law enforcement can no longer assume people will comply. Individuals are becoming more aggressive than in the past.

The other disturbing element is the social media world we live in. The video captured in this case did not show all the attempts by security, protection agents and police to resolve the situation. Instead, the public saw two police officers aggressively arresting a man with eight additional officers present.



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